Harry Potter Wedding Theme

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Harry Potter took the world by storm with its book release in 2001, and the last instalment of the film series was released 6 years ago. However, despite its age, the boy who intrigued us continues to capture the hearts of many and there’s no place where you won’t find a fellow Potterhead.

In fact, for some fans, the Harry Potter series is deeply ingrained in their own muggle lives, that they simply can’t let their wedding to pass without it exhibiting their obsession for the wizarding world.

Can’t get over with Harry Potter? We have sourced social media for 15 magical ideas you can adopt for your Harry Potter-themed wedding. Read on:

1. Sorting Hat Wedding Cake

Sorting Hat Wedding Cake

Image Cred: Instagram @sweetelizabethcakedesigns

This Sorting Hat cake simply looks like the one that sorted famous Harry Potter into Gryffindor. Set it up with tureens of cookies, cupcakes and other sweets to make it look like the frayed hat accidentally got into the table at the Start of Term Feast.

2. Daily Prophet Save-the-Date Cards

Daily Prophet Save-the-Date Cards

Image Cred: Pretty In Prints

Break out the wedding news to your friends thru an owl post! Send out a Daily Prophet newspaper clipping that includes your wedding information: wedding date, reception, RSVP and directions to save the date!

3. Marauder’s Map Invitation

Marauder’s Map Invitation

Image Cred: Instagram @salambo_frenchgeek

This invite will definitely excite your guests for your wedding. However, you must warn them to say “Mischief Managed” immediately, otherwise muggles might come crashing into your wedding.

4. Magic Wands

Magic Wands

Image Cred: Instagram @axeandlathe

The wand chooses the wizard – but on your wedding, let your guests have their pick! Prepare a wand for each guest, and on your grand exit, have them raise their wands to send you off.

5. Butter Beer

Butter Beer

Image Cred: Instagram @ivanciptono

An enchanted celebration is never complete without the butter beer. Serve them in batches and see how many butter beer moustaches you will find!

6. Hogwarts House Scarves

Hogwarts House Scarves

Image Cred: Instagram @nicolesknots

There’s nothing more that says “Hogwarts” than a House scarf. This will easily sort your guests into the four Houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

TIP: You can also rely on button pins and house ties to subtly proclaim your love for Harry Potter.

7. Book Page Flower Bouquet

Book Page Flower Bouquet

Image Cred: Instagram @waywardwitch

If you can’t bear to see your Harry Potter books turned into paper flowers, you can always photocopy your favorite passages and it won’t look any different from the original.

8. Honeydukes Sweet Buffet

Honeydukes Sweet Buffet

Image Cred: Instagram @thehogwartshouse

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans (aka Jelly Belly), chocolate frogs, acid pops and licorice wands – serve these to your guests and we guarantee they’ll be thanking you for your Honeydukes-inspired candy bar.

9. Golden Snitch Wedding Ring Box

Golden Snitch Wedding Ring Box

Image Cred: Bored Panda

You’re a catch, and he’s a Seeker. On your wedding, switch your wedding ring pillows for a golden snitch. Or a ring box disguised as a Harry Potter book, perhaps?

10. Hogwarts-Inspired Photo Props

Hogwarts-Inspired Photo Props

Image Cred: Instagram @cydni_erin

Spread the wizard-flair to your photo-booth by stocking it up with Hogwarts-inspired photo props. From Hogwarts robes, witch hats, House scarves, round glasses to Mad Eye Moody’s magical eye, you’ll simply never run out of ideas!

TIP: You can also use these familiar Wanted Posters for the prints!

Harry Potter Wanted Posters

Image Cred: Instagram @elise_m

11. Harry Potter Direction Signs

Harry Potter Direction Signs

Image Cred: Instagram @rusticallyyoursaa

Direct your guests into the Wizarding World (aka your wedding venue) so they won’t find themselves in the Knockturn Alley! TIP: Your reception area should definitely the Great Hall!

12. Potions Cocktails

Potions Cocktails

Image Cred: Instagram @mushroommasha

Serve up some Felix Felicis as your wedding cocktails or for the toasts to give you luck. You can also serve up some signature potions like Amortentia or Polyjuice potions to let your guest have their pick.

13. Hogwarts House Pumps

Hogwarts House Pumps

Image Cred: Instagram @perception94

A customized wedding shoes that tells which House you are in can make a great difference in your bridal gown. Have your groom match it with some cheeky socks.

14. Harry Potter Nail Art

Harry Potter Nail Art

Image Cred: Instagram @unhasdejujuba

Even as small as your nail art is noticed on your wedding. A deathly hallows symbol or a lightning bolt? Have it your way.

15. Table Décor

Finally, when it comes to your table décor, you will never run out of ideas. Stack some books for the centre piece or collect together some bottles and label them as potions. However, just make sure you didn’t sneak them out of Professor Snape’s private store.

Here’s some ideas:



Image Cred: Instagram @josefinlange

Hogwarts Houses

Hogwarts Houses

Image Cred: Instagram @cartesnath

Monster Books of Monsters

Monster Books of Monsters

Image Cred: Instagram @thehogwartshouse



Image Cred: Instagram @thehogwartshouse

Owl Post

Owl Post

Image Cred: Instagram @thehogwartshouse

Some decorations for your wedding venue:

Deathly Hallows Dream Catcher

Deathly Hallows Dream Catcher

Image Cred: Instagram @lottielacehandmade

House Banners

House Banners

Image Cred: Instagram @patrick0788



Image Cred: Instagram @thehogwartshouse

When it comes to Harry Potter, there’s always a fresh take to include a bit of the series into your wedding theme. You simply have to release the wizard in you to create one memorable (and harry potter magical) wedding day.

Do you have anything to add to this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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