Endless Harry Potter Wedding Theme Ideas

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As you know we are a little obsessed with Harry Potter here at Different Weddings. So we thought why not give a bit more to honour our young wizard and give you inspiration on how to incorporate your Hogwarts obsession into your big day.

We have gathered images  with the young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger, all of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in mind.


  1. Let the Bridesmaid dresses tell the love story.
harry potter dress 1057 01
Image: Sarsparilly

2. Add a snitch ear cuff to the mix for a subtle.

harry potter earrings 1058 01
Image: Paul Michael Design

3. Paper flowers with some petals made from books will ALWAYS be a winner.

harry potter flowers 1056 01
Harry Potter paper bouquets – Esty shop

4. The guests hearts will skip a beat when you walk in, in these custom Swarovski HP heels.

harry potter heals 1
Shoes: Our Wicked Addiction
harry potter heals
Shoes: Our Wicked Addiction

5. Beautifully simple – but a definite nod to wizard magic.

harry potter ring
Ring: Etsy Shop

6. Stuck for bomboniere for guests?  Harry Potter burnt and etched wooden spoons – so fab!

harry potter spoons
Image: Etsy shop

7. Keep the signage different and quirky.

harry potter sign
Image:  Misfit Weddings

8. Cheers to your day, wildly different and beautiful.

harry potter glasses
Glasses – The Whimsical Hoot – Etsy Store

9. Cute wizard wands as table accessories.

harry potter wand
Harry Potter Wizard Wands – Etsy Shop

10. The Groom will look smashing in his embellished tie.

harry potter tie
Harry Potter Tie – Amazon

11. A lovely gift for the bridesmaids.

harry potter bracelet
Harry Potter Bracelet 


12. The happy couple’s very own chair covers.  

harry potter seat covers
Image: Etsy Shop


13.  A personalised Harry Potter ring box.  

harry potter ring box
Image: Misfit Weddings


14.  Golden Snitch buttonhole to dress up the Groom’s suit.

golden snitch buttonhole
Image: Madison Rocks Floral Sculpture


15. Why not opt for a different kind of wedding dress.

harry potter dress
Image: Sarsparilly


16. Treat your guests with a custom made Harry Potter tiered wedding cake. 

harry potter cake
Image: Pinterest


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