Top 10 Star Wars Wedding Cakes

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The most incredible Star Wars cakes don’t need to be off in a galaxy far, far away. You can find your galactic inspiration right here! To celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we wanted to share some of our personal favourite Star Wars themed cakes with you.

In no particular, and from subtle to spectacular, there’s something for every species.

1. We adore the peekaboo-style of cake. For those who want to blend traditional with something a little different, this first cake is perfect and easily customisable. From one angle it’s a stunningly simple cake, but turn it around and you’ve got your favourite characters peeking through!


Image Cred: Pinterest



2. This smaller two-tiered version is just as stunning. If you wanted to be bold, a completely black cake with white stars would be enough to turn us all to the darkside.

Image Cred: Rachel Kaye Photography


3. Potentially our favourite of this style, this cake is truly a work of art-2-d2…

Image Cred: Tier By Tier

4. Or, this incredibly detailed Han Solo in carbonite cake:

Image Cred: Bridals


5. Why not share the story of how you met with this brilliant idea?

Image Cred: Charm City Cakes


6. Why not combine a classic cake with some geeky treats? The Death Star in all its glory versus an elegant white wedding cake is the perfect pair. Plus, we’re sure these are the cupcakes you’re looking for…

Image Cred: Dream Day Cakes


7. What would a Star Wars wedding be without an appearance from Darth Vader.

Image Cred: Pinterest


8.  Unleash the force with this gravity-defying cake. Pleased with this stunning cake, your guests will be.

Image Cred: Peboyron

9. What better way to top off a rustic style cake than with a Han and Leia topper?

‘I love this cake.’ ‘I know.’

Image Cred: Pinterest


10. Your guests will surely froth over this Battle of Hoth inspired cake. This snow-covered masterpiece is equally awesome as it looks delicious. Especially a great idea if you prefer fondant for the decorations and not so much to eat.

Image Cred: Pinterest


Whichever style of cake you decide to celebrate your love of Star Wars with, remember, the Force will be with you. Always.



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